Circuits and Shields (MOBA) - Hiring C++ Dev to fix our main attack system

We’re coming close to Kickstarter but we’ve got this nagging bug that I fear has deeper roots than we’d like. We’re having a lot of problems getting the attack/move/spell casting rotations and commands to follow properly and it seems like if we fix one piece, another piece breaks. I’d like to have someone experienced come in and take a look and see if we can’t fix this thing once and for all.

I would hope 10-20 hours and no more, but might be less than that (one can dream). I’m happy to pay a bit more for this as it’s a very important piece and it is extremely complicated the way all our systems are intertwined, so I doubt this is something you can pick up and solve quickly.

Send me a message on Skype or Discord with your experience and your hourly rate. Would like to get this fixed ASAP so we can resume Alpha testing.

Skype: CThomlison
Discord: cthomlison#2648
Email: [EMAIL=“”]

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