Circuits and Shields - AAA Quality MOBA project looking for C++ Gameplay Programmer for Spells

Circuits and Shields is looking for a new C++ Gameplay programmer to assist our lead with various gameplay programming tasks, things like new spells, items, gameplay logic, etc. All existing code is well-commented and you should be able to dive in fairly quickly.

This is a paying position and I’m expecting about 10 hours a week from this position, however, there is additional work to be done if you wish to be further involved and put in more hours. This is a complicated and massive project so we are looking for extremely qualified applicants with large amounts of experience in Unreal. We currently have a fully playable version of the game with stats and spells you can use as examples for how our systems work.

About us: Circuits and Shields is a MOBA project that’s been in development for about 16 months. We’ve been looking to blur the line between AAA and indie and we believe that’s reflected in the quality of our work as we have team members from companies like Riot, Blizzard, EA, etc. We’re currently a few months from Kickstarter and have been making really solid progress on both the coding and art fronts.

You can find a ton of info about us here:
Website -
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I can be reached at:
Email -
Skype (preferred) - CThomlison


Sent you a message via Skype.

Bumping this as we’re looking for a new body to fill this position.


Sent an email.

Bumping as we’ve yet to find a good fit for this.

would you except some with blueprint or does it have to be C++ ?