Circle Of Time

I would like to share with you my first game. I’ve been working on it since UDK3 (a year and half) and now finally it got to a point that I’m confident to share it with the world. I’m already registered with Sony. When I pichted this game for them they gave DevKit :smiley:
It’s a fighting game in style of Mortal Kombat meeting Tekken Tag. The story is set in the Middle East. Characters from all over the world get to together to fight to win the endless life in the Circle Of Time. Oh, I can’t spoil the story lol. Please support me by Like/Share.

I’m so excited with the latest progress of my game.

More photos on the Facebook page.

Many thanks for all the help I get in the amazing forums. I would like to mention special thanks to Marcus Wassmer and LeeC. They are my heroes who made this game come to reality :smiley:

I like your cover art. Checked out your page and your in game screenshot is good too! Why don’t you post it here!?!

Thank you very much :smiley:
I will post more updates here. The page is for public but here is more of a developers’ place.
I still have a tones of stuff to do in this project.