circle healt bar

Hi all…
There is a way to create a different healt bar from the standard?
Maybe a circle one…like resident evil 4 or 5…
there is a way?

The below should get you started. You could use VectorToRadialValue to mask a texture, or a generated circle like I did below. The “Percent” is a scalar parameter node, it should go from 0 to 1, you can change that from a blueprint. The “color” is a vector parameter node.

The custom rotator can be adjusted to where you’d like the circle to start from (when at 0), the rotation angle goes from 0 - 1, so .25, is 90 degrees, and .75 is 270 degrees etc.

Set the ConstantBiasScale node to have -0.5 in Bias, and 1 in scale

Thanks a ton for posting this. Was able to use it as a template for many things. :slight_smile:

i do not understand…i have to put all this in the UMG? or i have to create something?
Can you explain me better please?

It is a material as far as i can see.
Look at the big node in the top right of the picture that is the material node.
So you have to make a material that looks like that.

If you create the above material, you can then add an image in UMG and set it to this material and it will render. It’s pretty awesome actually. I hadn’t ever tried to do something like this before but I really enjoyed it.

it’s a material yep, you can assign it to a widget in UMG, such as a border.

In UMG, Create a border, make it variable by checking the checkbox.
In the event graph, use the CreateDynamicMaterialInstance node, set the parent to be the health bar material you made. Promote that material to a variable. Then from your border variable, drag off from it and find the Set Brush from Material node, plug your health bar material instance into the Material pin.

Then to change the percent of the healthbar, drag off from the material variable and find the Set Scalar Parameter value, enter the name of the parameter (“percent” in the example above) and the new value.