Circle DOF problems

I tried to set up circle DOF to achieve effects like in documentation examples. But all I was able to get from it is almost invisible blur (btw it was achieved with super extremal settings). I also had no success in googling my problem. So what went wrong with my scene?

PS I’ve tried all possible variations with settings. I’ve set every single property up with extremely big or small value, made a HUGE-scaled scene but nothing worked out(

gaussian dof:

circle dof with extremal values:

Hi GrozaMedvedey,

From what I can see in my simple test in 4.10 there seems to be some issues with Circle DoF that aren’t present in our preview version of 4.11 Preview 1.

Using the same settings as you I get this:

If you want you can give 4.11 Preview 1 a try and see if you’re seeing the same thing or wait for the final release.

Thank you!


I’m still having this problem in Unreal 4.11. Basically the CircleDOF effect is invisible.

Yeah, I can get Circle DoF to basically operate in two ways :

Everything in focus, or everything out of focus.