Cinematics/Level Sequence & TriggerBox

Been working in 3d animation for a couple of decades but very new to UE4
I’ve used this tutorial to try to use a level sequence to animate a simple button press.

I’m using begin overlap triggerbox to play the sequence forward
Using end overlap triggerbox to play the sequence backwards

They both seem to work. Kinda. The simple anim plays fine and the button animates into the pressed position when I walk into the triggerbox. But it seems to play the anim and then jumps back to the first frame where the button isn’t pressed down even though I’m still standing on the button inside the triggerbox. Then when I leave the triggerbox, it jumps to be pressed down and then does what I want and animates up.

Is it possible to have it so that the anim stays at the end while I’m in the box and then plays backwards when I exit? The tutorial doesn’t seem to have the same problem.

Using 4.19.2


OK, I posted a bit prematurely… He did cover this in the tute. If you’re here, thanks for reading this far.