Cinematics Frame Drop on Movie Export

Hi There,

I’m doing some tests to export 3840x2160/60fps videos from Cinematics Sequencer,
I always have lot of frames dropping and jittering while at 1920x1080/60fps I have
the expected smoothness and stability.

Since my PC have pretty good components,
I’m wondering if there some kind of hidden mark to check or uncheck to resolve the issue,
or a way to reduce the bitrare of the export that actually is very high (1984336kbps)

I have this issue with both compressed and uncompressed .avi export

My specs:

Intel i9-9900K
Nvidia RTX 2080 8GB
32GB Ram
Writing on a SSD

i think sequencer export is still a work in progress… it might be a good bug to report especially with that bitrate (geeze) so they can work on it… packaging a sequence i think is still kinda low on the priority list…

what if you export to img sequence?