[CINEMATIC] Zenobia - Next Generation Tech Demo using Raytracing

Hello everyone,

I’m Erasmus and founder and director of Black Amber Digital. We specialize in high end cinematics and videogames and we’re happy to show our technical demo for our new game that is in the works.
The purpose of the Demo is not to show the full power of raytracing, but more to show what’s possible with raytracing for a real game that runs in 4K at 60 FPS.
Originally the project was named Origin Zero and has now been updated to Zenobia to find it’s final form.

A lot of hard work has gone into all this and more cinematics are to come the next months :slight_smile:

Feel free to like the FB page as well for getting more updates : Facebook


that was perfect
Good luck

Looks pretty good. I like the raytrace rendering work. I don’t do FB too much, do you have a twitter account for following

Real time but in what PC specs?

Looks amazing. Facebook link says “Page not found”.

Hope 2x Quadro, 128GB RAM, 5 GHz CPU, 8 cores. :slight_smile:

The trailer is very good and i really want to see more incoming, but i hope you will accept some criticism: the character looks good but not nearly as “next gen” or realistic. The animations looks stiff and the facial expressions, for the little i saw, were generic.