Cinematic Workflow?

How would you go about making a cinematic like the fight scene Epic made? Would you do the whole fight in a program like maya then export it into unreal. Im not really sure of the whole workflow does anyone have any experience with this?

I can’t speak for Epic, but if we were to do this, we would go shot by shot and animate everything per that shot in Max or Maya (camera as well) and import them to be stitched up in Sequencer. I’m guessing its more or less what they do. if there are pre-made in engine FX they will be added in engine, for physics they can be pre-baked if need be which they most likely will for cinematic shots.

Straight forward actually.

The tricky bits would be any required seamless transitions from gameplay to cinematic shots especially the ones where the camera doesn’t “cut” to the cinematic but transitions smoothly to it.

So stuff like the wall breaking in the fight scene would be done in Engine, While all the movement and things would be in maya or max? What would you do to find the placement of the whole fight. Like when one of them will hit a wall to crack the tiles stuff like that.

I mean wall breaking would also be done in Maya/Max, because you would want the wall to break the same exact way with the pieces going the same exact positions every single time. You can’t really control realtime dynamics, what if one of the pieces intersected the character one time, or the other piece flew towards the camera because the sim decided so randomly, which happens a lot, same with cloth, so pre-baking everything in such cases is almost always preferable in order to have 99% control over everything that happens. Regarding placement, you’ll have the environment already in Maya/Max and can choreograph the movement and everything there, basically speaking you’ll do everything in the 3d app in this case and just bring it over and render it in unreal and put some effects like dust and smoke.