Cinematic Trigger Issue


I ran into a snag here. So I have a Matinee I want to play via trigger, and I have found a few resources to set it up…but I noticed “Play” is not in the Blueprint search anywhere.

UE4 Tutorial: Trigger a Matinee in Game - YouTube is the example and it seems pretty straight forward.

I went through all the steps, select on the Matinee asset, then right click on the level blueprint, but I don’t get any option to just “play”. The only thing I see in the Cinematic list is “Create Level Sequence Player”.

So anyone know if they changed this? and how I would now set this up??

Thank you

never mind, it seems it doesn’t come up when you select and right click into Blueprint, but the play feature does come up after you add the reference to the Matinee from the dropdown search list. I guess they just restricted the way it was accessed…

Updating this in case someone else runs into the same problem.

What you can also do is unchecked the lil box for the context sensitive then type in play and it’ll be there with other selections that include play.