[CINEMATIC] - Titan - UE4 Sequencer Test

Hey guys!
So because of the lockdown I started learning UE4 to add to my skillset. I just got started learning it and learned how to use the Sequencer and render out a movie. Decided to do a test shot. Got carried away. Then got really carried away. Here’s the result :stuck_out_tongue:
PS:I still don’t know much about animation and bringing mocap data into unreal. So yes, that is the default mannequin with its default jump loop anim and walk anim blended together. The titan is also the mannequin doing a verrrry slow walk anim lol.

Man, I know this must have taken ages but I want MOARRR. Brilliant execution and aesthetics. I downloaded UE4 less than 2 weeks ago and would like to do cinematic stuff and am totally lost. Little by little…

Hey man! Thanks for the like! I am currently working my way to a dope cinematic which I will start posting soon on my art insta and artstation page. Follow up if you would like to!