[CINEMATIC] The Pantheon - CG Film Rendered with UE

Hello everyone!

My name is Han Yang and I’m a 3D generalist. I’m really excited to share with you guys a new film I made with Unreal Engine - The Pantheon](https://www.artstation.com/artwork/RYR5By)


90% of this film was rendered in Unreal Engine, only use Vray for shots that need character close-ups. Click the link above to check out more details on my Artstation.

Also if you missed my last film, make sure check out** The Lander**(https://www.artstation.com/artwork/1nWe9e). Same idea of using UE for cinematic production but a Sci-fi theme!

Hope you enjoy it! I’d love to hear your thoughts!


  • Maya for animation, layout and CFX.
  • 90% of the film was fully rendered in Unreal Engine.
  • Vray was used for close-ups and composited with Unreal rendered background.
  • Xsens and iPhone for body, face motion capture.
  • Nuke for compositing.

Directed by Han Yang
Music: Andrea Bellucci
Sound VFX: Francois Huber, Maria Camarena, Chengshuo Hou, Ziting Zhao
Special Thanks: David Jiang, Mengyu Zhang

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Dude, thats amazing! Well done!

Some of the best UE4 action sequences ever…
How long did this all take from modelling to pp?

GOOD JOB! keep going!