[Cinematic Teaser] "Wild Life" RTX UE4.27

Hello friends!

I finished a cinematic teaser for the adult patreon game “Wild Life” almost a month ago.
It was a brutal work and learning path of 3 months, because I wanted the most cinematic look as possible and had not much experience in Unreal Engine or animated film pipelines.

I was the primary and only cinematic artist who worked in UE. My other cinematic artist used 3ds max for his 3 shots, while I was taking care of 22 shots inside UE4.27.

I started with a blockout after having the storyboard ready. The blockout of the whole teaser was in one master sequence and placed in one map. This gave me the advantage to watch the whole thing inside UE while working on it, to adjust everything I needed.

For me as a filmmaker, UE starts a new era of how I will create my future works and enables me to go further than ever before!

Hope you guys like it :slight_smile:
Please let me know if you have any questions.
Check out the description on youtube for the full credits.


This 3 shots were !NOT! created in UE4.

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