[Cinematic] Story of hero

Hello everyone.
I took your advices to myself and created new cinematic.

cool nice job … i love the narrators voice its like he smoked 10 million marlboros

It’s really good. My first thoughts were that there wasn’t the greatest sense of urgency in the scene, I didn’t feel too emotionally invested in the character.

Perhaps you could provide some insight into your character’s life before he served in the military? maybe you could cut in shots of him kissing his wife & daughter goodbye… anything that forms some sort of emotional investment in the character would be great.

Well done though! :cool:

Great job wiNt! Very cool cinematic that you have shared. I agree with what Braeden is saying about the story needing a bit more back-story or emotional attachment to them.

Anyways, keep up the great work and hope to see what else you decide to release in the future!

Looks familiar :wink: