Cinematic - SolidState (RTX demoscene)

Hi everybody !

I did a RTX demoscene for the clip of Cave’s new EP! All lights and the environment are rendered in Real Time with ray tracing and global illumination.
Music “SolidState” by Cave:
If you’re interested you can download the demo scene for free and use it like a BenchMark for your RTX card!


Clip video: SolidState (demo #RTXON) - YouTube precomputed at 32 samples for 4K

I verry liked this work and the impression of greatness that emerges in your demantic mechanisms, I also like how you played of red/white light, which makes me think a bit of mirror’s edge or super hot. I liked the reference to the stargate pyramid ship.

Thanks you! The video doesn’t really contain any reference, I invented everything, a lot of abstract with massive structures :3