Cinematic Short film - Lost Voices of Sky

Hey all,

I’ve just started getting into the whole community and so much is out there that it’s somewhat overwhelming but exciting. So many good stuff out there and I thought I would share my work here as well. I created my first piece within UE4 as a student at George Brown College. Toronto, CA. The course in the first term required us to create a cinematic from concept to a final short film. I first started it off with reference images from inwardsound’s work, if you are familiar with his images and can spot the image I tried to recreate in UE4, and the soundtracks from the video game Rime. It later grew and grew into this idea for an orb to be looking around. I used many megascan assets (Roman Empire Environment Collection in Bridge) all downloaded at its highest LOD’s and resolutions and exported 7680 x 4320 jpeg/exr image sequences into Da Vinci resolve for editing. I just wanted to push my new computer that I had got. If it wasn’t for my new asus 3090 I don’t think I would of done this. Some of the models I have modeled my own in Houdini and Zbrush. I wish I spent more time designing the orb instead of just making it a sphere with an emissive material but I kept getting carried away into building all these levels.

Created over the course of 4 months, the whole term. Any critiques are welcome! This term we are getting deep into blueprints/materials/etc. and creating our own assets from scratch.



  • Quixel megascans
  • Inwardsound 3D Artist

The Memory of a Name - David Garcia Diaz
Lullaby for an Island - David Garcia Diaz

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I watched and even if it’s a 2017 project, it’s quite nice :smiley:

Really like those assets too, shame the asset pack isn’t mentioned in the description, Megascans have thousands of assets!

Roman Empire Collection! Sorry I added it in, they are great. And thank you!