Cinematic Sequencer - Render/Preview Troubleshooting

Hey there,

I ran into some problems in trying to preview and render a cinematic sequence.
It would be really helpful if anyone has any suggestions or solutions.

The timeline on the Level sequence - Shot Track won’t preview in my cinematic view port unless I was piloting the specific camera…
Then the cinematic won’t play even when the level sequence has auto play checked off.
It also won’t render when I try to render it…

Here’s a short 1 and half minute screen capture video explaining what the problems are…

Thank you so much!

It looks like you have not ticked on the camera icon in the shots track.

You need a camera cut track. Take a look here:

It looks like you ended up using just 1 camera throughout right? If that’s so, just create a camera cut track and point it to your single camera.

Otherwise, next time, if you have a camera per shot, you just need a camera cut track in each of the shots that points to the camera for the shot.

There’s been confusion about this in the past. In 4.19 when you create a new camera, a camera cut track will be created automatically if it doesn’t exist already. Hopefully that will resolve some of the confusion.

Thank you so much! Yeah it turns out the individual cuts I had inside my shots track were not binding to any cameras, so it confused the system. Now I’m able to preview it in the view port once I’ve re-linked all the shots…