Cinematic Sequencer, fps Question

Hello, i am very new to Unreal and working my way through the tutorials.

Is the frame limit important for the cinematics? Should it be locked at for example 30fps?

The problem i have in the cinematic sequencer. My character is changing slightly position between shots. Works fine with the correct fps like in Maya. But for example 240 fps, there is this sliding.
Is there a way to avoid this? Like locking the fps or some other way?


i think you keep the framerate to whatever you expect to export as

it’s a look
just a preference

I think what you’re talking about is caused by the fact that you baked the animation at a different framerate in Maya. For example if you baked it at 24fps in Maya but your Unreal sequencer render is set to 60fps then Unreal will have to evaluate what’s happening between those 24 frames to make it into 60. If you change your framerate in Maya you should see sliding in there too.
It usually doesn’t seem noticeable if the character is making any natural movements, but if, for example, the character is changing its location between shots, teleporting almost, then you’ll see it move from point A to B if the fps is higher