Cinematic Sequence - Space Ship Launch

Created this space ship from scratch in Blender. I wanted to create a quick transition animation by entering the spaceship and then blasting off to a new location. When I transferred it over to UEFN the textures got messed up :pensive:, so I did a quick retexture in UEFN. (Hence why the spaceship looks different in the video).


The animation at the end :fire:


This is so cool. Great work Lundle

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Wow this is incredible!! :star_struck:

I :heart: Space Ships. So… it’s like it’s ready to do battles… by a star… Battle Star? :smiley:
Nice work!

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By the way, what issues did you have importing your model into UEFN that caused it to lose textures? Do you think it was a process problem or a bug?

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Thank you Jag!

Appreciate it Jay!

I believe its a problem on my end, I think just the way the textures were set up in Blender, it didn’t translate over great. As I haven’t had the problem on some other creations I’ve imported.

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