Cinematic Sequence Device and Sequencer

After playing with the Cinematic Sequence Device and Sequencer for some time, I have feedback.

Function: Play
It isn’t clear if this is player instigated or not. In any case their should be two functions for playback. Play and Play for All

Looping, Stopping
The ability to Loop and Stop the sequence from the device would be highly beneficial, even if Stop only breaks the Loop , this would still be great.


  • I have 19 Cinematic Sequences in a project, 2 of which do not play. Not sure why or how to repro! (Trying look for user error, but cannot spot any errors.)
    More info: If I move my character close to the camera associated with those sequences, I will be forced into their perspective (see next bug). When starting the game while in this state, the game refused to start.
    I can force myself into other cinematic sequence perspectives, but am able to start the game just fine.

  • Moving close to a camera that is attached to a sequence forces the player into the cameras perspective in a locked state, even in edit mode. When starting the game the player will still be in this perspective. Only upon ending the game will the player perspective be restored.

I would like a choice between Play and PlayForAll too! Did you figure out if the device currently plays the cinematic only for the player who instigated it, or if it plays it for everyone?

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It is indeed player who instigated (camera). However props will move for all.

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Cool, thanks for the tip! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the feedback - that makes sense, I’ve passed this on.

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