Cinematic scene player spawn from point A to B

Hey guys!

Ok my question is when I create a cinematic scene it starts from point A. Now the player gets into a bus, smashes through a gate about 1,000 feet down or so to point B. How do I get the player to spawn at point B now? I know there is way to do this.

Also 2 questions in one related. How can I set up a cinematic scene where you are at the players view and the player can look around. For example. You are in car and the car is driving. I don’t want the player to move but I want the player to look around.

Thanks guys!

You can use Teleport node to send the player to point B.

As to your second question; select the Matinee actor and enable “Disable Movement Input” in it’s details(NOT Look At Input.)

Ok I did that works awesome in the editor. HOWEVER when I package the game and test it out the game crashes. Any idea why?

No idea. I doubt that it would be related to this topic though, so it must be something else.