Cinematic Output to Movie?

What’s the best way to get a cinematic movie rendered out of UE4? I understand that frames are better than AVI (I’m good with that), but I just want the motion and action as outlined in the Cinematic, as opposed to a gameplay video. I am brand-spanking new to UE, and a bit overwhelmed at the moment (in a good way). I have downloaded the Infiltrator project files, and I just want to output that Cinematic as a standalone movie.

Thank you in advance for your help!

There’s a couple options–the easiest is to use a screen recording software to record the screen while it plays. However, the software will take some extra processing that can slow down the game, so you would need a good PC to be able to record at the same time. Open Broadcaster Software is a pretty good free program that allows you to record games.
For best quality and performance you would use tools in the game editor–specifically Matinee is the tool used to set up cinematics and it has an option to record them to an image sequence. And it doesn’t depend much on your PC speed, it takes the time it needs to to record each frame so if it has to slow down then it will without going to a lower framerate.

Yes, I understand that using Matinee is the best option. However, with regard to the Infiltrator project, I cannot seem to use the Matinee functions to actually capture the Cinematic as intended. Instead, It presents a live window for gameplay, which is not what I wanted. I have tried several different recommendations, but none of actually produced the desired result, unfortunately… very frustrating. I wonder if it is due to the fact that I am using 4.10…

I’m trying to check the project file though it’s taking a long time to load–my guess is that there needs to be an option enabled on the Matinee to have it play automatically or something, you would have to find the matinee object and check how it’s triggered. Or at least check and make sure there’s a matinee object in the scene.

Once the project got loaded I gave it a try, but it looks like you have to give it a while for things to load when you hit make movie.

It had completely loaded when I tried it. I am sure I am missing something, as I am just starting with UE4, but so far, nothing has produced what I had hoped for…