[CINEMATIC] Origin Zero - Episode based web series

Hey guys,

I’m Erasmus and work as Senior Art Director for AMD and have over 10 years of experience in the AAA gaming industry. In my freetime, I like to make cool cinematics using real-time engines :slight_smile:
I have used CryEngine for around 4 years and created a short movie called “The Lord Inquisitor”, but I recently switched to Unreal Engine 4 and am amazed by it’s functionality.

For around a year I work on my new project, which is my own IP called “Origin Zero”. I work on this with a couple of friends and we already finished our first episode, which you watch here:

Many more stuff is planned for this project, including a videogame. Transmedia is a big part of the project and I hope to use all my assets as well for cinematics as also for game components. So far, all assets are made by myself, but I was using some vegetation stuff from the market place as well.


Hope you like it :slight_smile: