[CINEMATIC] One Small Step - Animated Short using UE4


Hey guys, this is a thread for our project “One Small Step”

One Small Step is a realtime cinematic made in Unreal 4 with a heavy focus on the smaller details. Our bar is fairly high, we don’t want people to intially think we used Unreal 4 for what we did - we want that to be a surprise that we could get something like this out of the engine.

The story follows a small alien attempting to conquer Earth, but his size proves to be a bigger issue than he originally expected.

Anyway, have some media:


Animated Version

More to come!


Bear’s character update!

Haha! I like it! I different use of UE4 that most people ignore!

Hey guys, we’ve got a nice update for you today.

First off, if you’d like to follow us; we usually post finished renders on our site, usually on a weekly basis.

And here’s some shots, with nice shiny new features on them;




And here’s a few of the shots with some camera movements and minor animations.

Shot 06

Shot 01

And more on the back-end of the project; our character is skinned! We can start to get some animations into engine now.

I don’t seem to be able to embed gifs, so click me for an animation preview as well.

Welcome to the streets!


We’re getting animations in engine now!

This looks awesome :smiley: great character

Very cool!!! Great job!

The character reminds me of a kerbal for some reason.

I love the character :smiley: can’t wait to see the final movie :slight_smile:

Really fantastic work. :slight_smile:
I’d love it if you made a game out of it.

Back once again with an update; still a lot to add to the street but I think we’re getting closer to what we wanted to achieve.


Awesome work, I love his teeth.

I would like to see the wireframe of your environement model ( streat ) building … Etc…


( also you are doing a phenomenal work !