Cinematic Mode

Hi folks,

I’m trying to understand some example contents levels. I came across a function called Cinematic Mode, which I couldn’t find any documentation for it! Do you know what is it and what does it do? I tried to disconnect the exec input, recompile and play the game, but no difference.


The cinematic mode is a wonderfull function to use when you play matinee or something and you need the player to be unable to use WASD to move or you need to hide the player…u]you only can call this fuction in Level Blueprint. To active it you need to check the cinematic Mode box and choose what you want to do with the player…

Hide player
Hide Hud
Unable Moviment
Unable Rotation

After you cinematic or event…to deactivate the cinematic mode…only copy the previous cinematic mode and uncheck the Cinematic Mode…when you do it the UE4 will see you want to disable the function and will see your check box what you want to restore

In which blueprint do you set this up? I have an opening scene and my HUD healthbar wont go away. I’ve tried Cinematic Mode and connected everything inside my level blueprint. please explain

This node can only be used in the Level blueprint. If you use it somewhere else, it won’t work, so make sure to only use it in the Level blueprint.