Cinematic Intro with countdown

Hi I am creating a racing game and wanted to check a few possibilities before I continue.
I want to have two things happen for the game intro:

  1. A 5-4-3-2-1 countdown on screen (I have found this tutorial to do this Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial - Creating a Start Game Countdown - YouTube)
  2. I want to combine the HUD countdown with a vertical camera pan of the environment (the end coordinates of the intro camera pan would need to be the same as the coordinates of the game play camera).

Is it just a matter of triggering a matinee cinematic sequence at the start and altering the end keyframe camera coordinates to be the same as those of the player cam ?
Will it still be possible to layer over a HUD countdown on top of a cinematic scene or is there a better way to do this - for example can I bring in a png countdown sequence from After Effects and overlay this animation on top of the cinematic sequence ?

We did title credits with a method that I think would work for you:

  1. For the countdown, add an Unreal Motion Graphics to the player viewport and then animate the numbers to be visible and not visible. In the graph for the UMG, be sure to play the animations. Technically, you don’t even need to remove it at the end because it will be invisible.

  2. You can overlay that on a sequence and launch the sequence from the level blueprint. Its super easy to animate cameras and effects in the new Sequencer. As of 4.11 its still in its infancy, but it should work for what you need. If the player camera is already in the scene, you can just animate that camera, otherwise, you’ll have to cast to your player cam and get the coordinates if you want to use two cams to match up.

As a note, save everything and close out UMG before you try to run it; sometimes the animations don’t update.

Thanks I’ll try the first section. I’m restricted to 4.9 due to a plugin I need to use so I won’t be able to use the sequencer. Is there anyway to embed a png sequence within an image holder inside UMG. (If you wanted more complex transitions created in after effects for example)?