Cinematic in UE for Advertisement purpose - need help


I’d like to create few environmental cinematic shots in engine with Quixel Megascans assets and use them later in advertisement (facebook/google). I got task in my company to create 3d environment and since I work with Unreal in my free time I’d like to use my knowledge and engine itself. Here is my question - how does it look in terms of legality - I wrote e-mails and I had no response neither from Quixel/Epic Games. Do I need a custom license? Since it’s for advertisement I’m really worried about legal stuff.

I’m looking forward to any help regards to this topic.

Have you read the EULA? Try searching AnswerHub for advertising and licensing stuff. There might be information to start from in there.

For non-interactive stuff like images or video you can use the engine without any licensing fee, so that should work just fine for your advertisement project. For Quixel, it looks like you can’t use any of the free content for something commercially, so you’d need the appropriate paid license for that.

Thanks for response, I really appreciate that! :slight_smile: