[cinematic] i wish to

I just created my little cinematic on Unreal Engine 4.
I hope you like it !



Well done, a bit choppy with the animation but once it got into the fight scene it was awesome! :smiley:

yeh the fighting was awesome!

Kicking a metal robot with bare feet? That must hurt :smiley:

Pretty cool job.

Haha, I just let you guys to imagine if this robot have under skin metal or it’s half robot half human :slight_smile:

Oh yeah :stuck_out_tongue:

Wicked stuff, nice job. Throw in some sound effects and visual effects and you are riding. Animation will smooth out over time, that is if this is a test/teaser.

Loved it! Awesome teaser trailer for a fighting game where you play a first generation human android in a tournament against robots? XD

Loved it! Animation as stated above still needs some love and practice, but you are definitely on the right track. Good Job!

Yes, true. I wanted to check how cinematic things work in Unreal Engine 4 :slight_smile:

heh, not bad)

nicely done! I hope we gonna have some great cinematics in the new UT, maybe the community can help adding some content - wouldn’t this be great ?

Nice start for a cinematic. Music really fits the action. Are you going to work on this or is it final version? I think you have lots of ideas in your head and it’s just a matter of time :slight_smile:

@Salic: Couple days ago I started blog with my friends and I’ll be posting free content there. Maybe you’ll find something useful :slight_smile:

Right now it’s finished, also in future I will be making more videos like that.

Very cool, I really liked it.

I actually lol’d when he did the carthweel flip over the small piece of debris, which I don’t think fit in. Hope I’m not offending you :slight_smile: