Cinematic gameplay capture vs. play in editor

I’m writing with a slightly weird problem that I haven’t encountered before. I teach a class in Unreal level design and am very comfortable with Unreal materials, FBX import and 3D, and stuff having to do with visual assets. I’m less familiar with programming, Blueprints, and the interactivity side, although reasonably competent in setting up simple trigger-box reactions such as doors, elevators and lights. .
Recently, a group of students produced a wonderful 3rd person level, with a student-made character running around in a custom level. It looks and works great, except when they try to output a gameplay cinematic by capturing gameplay and outputting it via a clip track, the character appears rotated 90 degrees on the Y axis so she is lying face down in the level. All behavior is normal, but the character orientation is 90 degrees to where she is in play-in-editor. I’m at a loss as to why/how this could happen, since I don’t really get the difference between play-in-editor and what the camera is recording in the clip track. I’ve just assumed that capturing the camera output was a straightforward thing. I’ve looked into the Third Person blueprint and nothing seems out of whack, and now I’m wondering whether the animations they got through Mixamo may have been rotated. Any clues as to what may be wrong at the root here would be much appreciated.

I’m bumping this with a bit more information, and a way to re-create the problem, using one of the characters from the Synty Studios Polygon bundles. In this case it is from the vikings pack, but I see the same thing with the SK_Character_Male_Police in the Polygon City pack that is currently available for Free as part of the monthly give-away.

I’m seeing the same behavior when I use a skeletal mesh from Synty on an AI controlled, recorded via Sequence Recorder, the mesh is rotated ONLY IN THE RECORDED SEQUENCE.

For fun, if I use the Epic Mannequin, it records perfectly, also works perfectly with skeletal meshes from the infinity blades adversaries from the permanently free collection. I’m ONLY seeing this behavior with skeletal meshes from the Synty Polygon bundles.

All of this is done in Unreal 4.24

Here’s a screenshot showing the assets as they are in the level.

And Here is how they appear when played back in the sequencer.

Seeing your post, and being able to solve/recreate it simply by swapping out the skeletal mesh, My guess is that it is something in the synty skeleton, or mesh, but I don’t know enough about that side of things to diagnose it.

My test was a simple behavior tree to have the character move to random positions. I’ve attached a bunch of screenshots of all of the blueprints needed to recreate. Just drop the character onto a surface with a NavMesh, and hit play.

Anyone have any ideas for how to fix it?

I think I just found the solution in this post:

There’s a picture of exactly where in Acanku’s post that is incredibly helpful.

My next question… Is there any way to get this to be set properly when it is recorded in the first place?