Cinematic Cutscenes from Maya

I’m a former animation student, so I know 3D software fairly well but this is my first foray into making games. So making my game hasn’t been too difficult yet. Most issues that I run into are fairly easy to find on YouTube. However, I am not comfortable with Matinee, or at least, I can’t find anything on making more complex animations. In school I did my animations using Maya. There must be a way to import a fully animated rig for cutscenes from Maya, insert it into the scene, program the activation, and just tweak it with Matinee from there.

Can anyone help me with this, or at least point me in the direction of a good tutorial?

If not, then how about something that explains how to do a more complex cutscene. Something more like what you’d see on Uncharted (although I’m aware that’s Mo-Cap, but if it weren’t. That’s more what I’m looking for.) I’m only going to do small ones, but there are a lot of them.