Cinematic Cutscene System

Hello! I want to announce my last Marketplace item, if you have a questions i can reply from here or you always welcome my discord channel^^


Cinematic Cutscene System in Blueprints - UE Marketplace (

You can check the product webpage and document for more informations but i want to tell you the idea about this product.

First of all i get this idea while playing Final Fantasy XIV, that game like 3000 quests and almost %50 have cutscene, of course they are not very well created but in the end they have. So they have a system to do this and i realized, so many people get this issue while creating indie games. They don’t have a system. They have to create one.

So, Normally very basic things like move AI to somewhere, do things, talk with a guy or start any event, if you don’t have a System for this, you should always create a new actor or use level blueprint / level sequence, in the end you get lost in mess :3

So with this Cinematic Cutscene System (it has name Cinematic but it’s up to you :)) i got the all basics & some advance things and create just 1 blueprint to do ANYTHING, you can still use level sequence and Custom events of course. It doesn’t replicated but hope it will help many developer specily level designers =)

Questions and feedbacks always welcome! I’m still recording lot of tutorial videos for each element^^