Cinematic Camera Shots for Gameplay Abilites or Skills?

Hey everyone,

I’m currently working on a game project which involves characters with powerful skills. If they execute some special skills I want to accompany the execution of these with some cinematic camera action. Currently these skills are Montages which trigger sound and particle effects and some gameplay specific animation notifies for enabling /disabling different behavior and other curve-driven aspects.

My question is, how would you go about these kind of camera animation? I recently tried to work with the Sequencer and with Matinees and both don’t seem to fit well to go alongside of animation montages. Creating sequences in accordance to animation montages which don’t feature root motion (I apply motion by myself through code to be able to control the distance and the direction a certain character travels during the skill) seems pretty difficult too.

Do you have any suggestions, hints or tutorials how one would achieve this?

Bump? Nobody with some experience for this kind of stuff? Any help is appreciated.

you can attach a camera to an invisible cube, and just pull the camera along it’s dolly axis for distance
then just parent attach the cube to the character

spin the cube slowly so the camera orbits around the character
then only rotate the camera on yaw and pitch to reframe the character if you want them off center

if you add a few of these and cut between them
you can create cinematic moves