Cinematic Camera not properly attaching to Rail, or Crane

Hey, I think I have found a bug.

  1. Attach a cinematic camera to a crane, or rail in the sequencer.
  2. Use the rail, or crane in the Camera Cuts track instead of the cinematic camera
  3. Play in editor

The camera will not properly attach and end up at the object’s root. When played in the sequencer it looks fine.


I believe this bug has been fixed. At runtime, the camera cut wasn’t looking at attachments to find the camera to look through. The fix is targetted for 4.20. Can you just set the cinematic camera to the camera cut track for now?

Sure, I just wanted to report on it.

not fixed in 5.1.1. I attach camera to rail, then press reset property to value. That puts camera at start of rail, perfect.

Then I adjust focus, bc out of box its wwwwway too close . AFter doing that, I add to sequencer and save. Then cine camera attached to rail disappears, and the main camera focus is wayyyy off.Is this a bug in 5.1.1 ?IT doesn’t work reliably , at all. I have a decent system, for what I’ve got atm .ryzen 5, 16g ram, rx 6600 8gb.

attached shows how far off camera is, sometimees after placeing camera, then doing as above, doing reset property on camera.

Thanks ;0-0