Cinema 4D R15 to UE4.5


I was wondering if anyone here uses C4D (+vray for still renders) to model then exports to UE4 (FBX) I have scene a helpful step by step write up on here, just wondering if any one else had any pointers on this.



I work a lot in C4D (also a VRay user). I’m finding more and more that I need to build less in Cinema and do more modular building in Unreal. My traditional workflow just doesn’t create the best scenario for lighting in Unreal.

I work in cinema 4d (now with R16) (modelling, rigging and animation) with no problem.

Cool, so when you guys export to UE4, what technique do you use in terms of preparing the scene in C4D for texturing in UE4? I’m now using C4D R15.

Not much really it takes a bit of practice, 4.6 will have some import options so we can rotate on import, right now if you are doing skeletal meshes/vehicles its best to model/rig ‘facing’ down the X Axis in C4D even though thats not forward in C4D. Good news is we can deal with that from 4.6.

With R16 there is currently a bug when using two UV maps, your mesh smoothing will be lost but since UE4.5 the light map UV’s can be generated on import so the 2nd UV is slightly less important.

Mostly is just works…

Thanks Anadin, Worked like a charm. I am using UE4 for camera walk through animation for my interiors. Thanks again, another issue solved :slight_smile:

Whoo - glad I could help.

thanks for the heads up about the bug in R16, i was getting crazy trying to find a solution on my own. I’ll use R15 to export!

Yeah I reported the bug to Maxon, I hope it gets fixed in a SP or R17 :frowning: