Cinema 4D Morph Target FBX to UE4

Hey guys,

made a character in cinema 4d and setup a bunch of morph targets in cinema 4d (smiling, smirking etc…)
now when i export a FBX and import it to ue4 (yes the node for importing those is active) my character has an empty list.
any idea what could cause this problem?

thanks in advance.

Which Cinema and fbx version are you using?
From my experience the fbx 6.1 2010 in R17 works best for most stuff.

Im currently using R16 of cinema, and i think the 2014 fbx exporter (not sure because im not at home).
But i think i found the issue myself. Because i am using a connect tag - this aparently destroys the morph tag :frowning:

The connect object is a generator just like Array or SDS Object.
You need to convert it because it’s not exportable.

What happens on Export is that the program converts the object itself, but this changes vertex numbers.
So everything relying on these Numbers will be lost or turn out wrong.

Either combine meshes before adding morphs, or keep them seperated.
You can rig multiple meshes to the same skeleton.
Just make all of them children of the fbx root (null object), rig and weight them to the same skeleton.
You can even have them using different joints of the same hierarchy, e.g. if your head mesh is seperated from the body mesh,
it only needs the joints that should affect it (like head, neck, top of the spine, shoulders, but not arm, hand, fingers, pelvis or even legs).

It might be even better to keep the morphing part a own mesh, since it reduces the ammount of data that needs to be stored for each morph.

Hi! I know this post is kinda old, but I still haven’t figured out how to export the .fbx with several pose morphs. Do you have a simple .c4d example file you could share, @kraid ? Thanks for your time.