Cinema 4D Character Animation

Hi guys, i am already working for hours on this problem.
When I create a character animation in Cinema 4D with the joint system and export it as fbx to UE4 it doesnt work.
It shows the model, but there is no animation.
While importing it says theres no bind pose, although my character is in tpose. I tried the T0 method. Doesnt work either.
I guess it doesnt work with cinemas joint system (because when i use mocap footage made of bones it works fine) but it seems like theres no way to convert joints to bones.
Please can anybody help me? It would be very much appreciated.

You need to make sure you tick the import animation tick box on the importer or even better import the skeletal mesh as a T-Pose guy then import the Animation separately. You’ll get Green Animation Sequence assets that you can use with your Skeletal Mesh.

Thanks for the reply.
But it doesnt seem to help.

This what i get when i import my model.
Doesnt matter if it is in tpose or animated.

If read stuff about baking the animation.
But I cant even get a tpose model with skeleton imported correctly.

Ok i managed to get rid of the missing bones error by creating a root joint in cinema and adding it to joint list of the skin tag. Then clicked on create bind pose in the skin tag and imported the fbx of it to UE4 with T0 as reference. Now UE4 seems to take my joints but it still doesnt get the bind pose.
What is wrong?

funny thing i just discovered:
When i import an animation made with joints that were created by motion capturing i get the same errors but it works perfect nonetheless.
The animation i struggle with are generated by a plugin called easy walker, it drives the joints by xpresso i guess.
Might that be the problem?

hey i managed to work it out on my own.
Here is my workflow after i created a root joint in cinema and added it to joint list of the skin tag. Then clicked on create bind pose in the skin tag and imported the fbx of it to UE4 with T0 as reference.

Walk Cycles from Cinema 4d (Easy Walk):
Bind Model to Skeleton in T-Pose
Export as Fbx and import in UE4 with T0 as refference

Create Walk
Open Motion Layout
Add all Object to Motion Timeline (Bottom left)
Edit -> Selections -> Select All Objects
Funcions -> Bake Objects
check: Bake Expression, Clean Track, Position, Rotation, Parameter
uncheck the rest
export as fbx with animation and bake all frames
import in UE4 as animation

I’m surprised FBX did not bake the animation on export. I’m not a Cinema4D user but I assume EasyWalk drives a skeletal chain procedurally. Similar things can be done in Maya. If the skeleton has no keys, but FBX are set to bake keys, it will work by itself on export. It’s weird that you did not get the same behavior and have to bake manually first.

Ah yes this will also happen with CMotion or Motion Clips, unfortunately they do not get baked on the way out, you have to do it yourself. I normally save the C4D File, Bake, Export and then revert.