CineCameraActor import fbx animation from Maya problem

UE 4.14.3 from source build.

Using Sequencer, I am trying to import fbx animation of a camera from Maya onto a CineCameraActor by right clicking and choosing import fbx animation.

My problem is that the animation does not seem to match what I had in Maya. The camera is far offset from its pivot and it is not similar to what I had in Maya. The camera is far in the sky, while the environment, also from Maya is in the right place.

Any ideas?



Dear Mad_Guru There is a Little difference in the axis of Unreal and Maya.
We have Z-axis is Depth in Maya but In unreal Z-axis is Up.
Thats why we can not import cameras directly from maya we have to make some changes to adjust its place which is for Unreal engine.

1). Select The CameraX in Maya
2). Make groupX of that single Camera
3). Create another cameraY.
4). Add parent Constraint to it with the Original cameraX
5). Select GroupX of Original CameraX in outliner
6). Rotate GroupX 90 degree in X-axis and -90 Degree in Z-axis
7). Bake the CameraY Animation.
8). Export CameraY Animation.

Note : If This was unable to solve issue Just Change Point 6). Rotate GroupX -90 in Y-axis
Will Upload Tutorial Video For This Soon.