CineCamera Unparents From Camera Rig after each Project Save

Is this a bug or am I missing a setting? I add a CineCameraActor to the scene as well as a Rig. I parent the camera to the rig by dragging the camera underneath the rig in the outliner. As I continue working on my sequence, everything is fine until I save and then the camera unparents itself from the rig. I have to do a manual parent each time I save? I’m using 4.17

Just an update: I searched online for any remedy for this issue. It seems like a very rare case so it has led me to assume there may be something wrong with my project files but I still cannot confirm. I later updated to 4.18 and the issue was resolved and I did not have trouble parenting my rig and camera.

If you happen to come across this issue in 4.17, you may try updating to 4.18.

To fix this, add an “Attach” track. In the sequencer, right click on your camera that is not childing properly, pan over to “attach” then choose the rig rail it should be parented to. Then, in the sequencer, drag the track so it starts at the beginning of the camera sequence. You’ll see the camera and the rail parent to each other in the world outliner when the playback marker rolls over it. Hit save and it should all stick together :slight_smile:

This issue is back again in UE 4.19.2.

I did what Speigelsigel suggested, attaching the camera to the rig via r-click menu and dragging the track (Do you mean the playhead or the thumbnail track?). Anyway, that did not fix anything.

I found a fix to this issue. It’s more of a workaround though.

You need to do the following:

  • On the camera track, add tracks and key frames for Transform, Bind / Attach, and Look At.