Cine Camera's view for scene caputure2D projection

I want to use Focal Length function in scene capture 2D
But scene capture2D component has only FOV function. I want Cine camera as scene capture2D

Can I use Cine camera as a scene capture2D? (projecting to target from Cine camera’s view)

I’m going to use unreal engine for pre-viz.
I want these functions.

・Default, TPS view and play character who has camera (Handheld camera)
・Display Handheld camera’s view on left top screen by HUD widget
・Around widget, displays current focal length. and can modifying by scroll uo / down of mouse wheel.

Hi, did you have any success in this? Trying to do something similar myself but havent been able to get it working.



Did you resolved it?


Hi all,

Hope it can be useful to someone, find this : “Copy Camera Settings to Scene Capture”.

I can not find Copy Camera Settings to Scene Capture function in the Blueprint, could you please give me a more detail explain? thks.

ps. As we know, FOV = 2 * atan( ImageSensorWidth / FocalLength / 2 ), based on which, if we can only adjust the parameter FOV of the SceneCapture2d object, nobody can confirms how much the FocalLength and ImageSensorWidth is. However, for Cinema Camera Actor, we can not only set up the image sensor size but also physical focal length. So can any expert tell us why UE don’t include the same parameters of the SceneCapture2d as the Cinema Camera Actor?

open Composure plugin, then you can see this BP node

Much thanks, I found it.