Cine camera, track works only with objects in the same level

Hello! This might be a limitation, but im posting it inside of the bugs.
So: I am adding cine camera actor to the scene and i want to track an object, and i cannot track it becouse they are on a different level( i got a defined level structure, where the camera should not be in the same level as the tracked object(i got the skeletal meshes on a different level below persistent) our structure is defined like this because of the project organization)
Is this a current limitation? What is the chance that this will be fixed?
best regards
Előd Somogyi

Hey elodakielod,

Thanks for reporting this. We had a similar bug entered previously (UE-27807), but it seems that the cause of it was never found(which turns out to be sub-levels). I’ve entered a new bug for investigation (UE-30388).