This is a personal project of mine that I built from scratch in my spare time. Have been wanting to put into practice alot of new skills I have learnt lately. It was made during my time on the CGMA Lighting Course with Peter Tran. Based on one of Anya Jo Elvidge’s awesome concepts.

Full Breakdown:


Hey there @SamDonaghey,

Oh wow! I could practically hear wind chimes and precious bird songs. Absolutely stunning! Was this creation part of a larger game development or a single scene?

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Thanks! Just a single scene, was just something I’ve been wanting to make for a while now.

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Very cool! What was your approach for the sky? Looks very pretty

Hey @SamDonaghey

Did you created the entire scene from scratch? I mean, clouds, flowers, grass, everything?

I mean, it’s awesome! great job!

Thanks! Its just a simple sky box with a custom texture applied. Made a base gradient and stars for the night sky using designer, then just painted the clouds in Photoshop. I do have some parameters exposed to adjust the overall hue and contrast etc. per instance.

Thanks! Yeah I made everything for the scene.

Its based on a great concept by Anya Jo Elvidge Anya Jo Elvidge.


Beautiful style, loving the different ambiences. Congrats !!!

Awesome color and light setup! I really like the whole look of the scene, excelent job! :star_struck: