Church of the Light by Tadao Ando

Here’s our first try at archviz in UE4
It’s still WIP, will post the final cinematic when it’s done. Feedback is appreciated.
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Scale looks good for small church , but there is too much concrete :slight_smile:

tell that to the master of concrete himself, mr. Ando :smiley:

Gorgeous work! I’m *very *impressed. The atmosphere of the church is palpable.

Where is the music from?

It’s Air - Alone in Kyoto, featured in the movie “Lost in Translation”. Haven’t seen the movie, but i figured it fits the Japanese setting of the church and was a good pace for the matinee.

This looks so so nice. Very believable concrete. Impressed with the materials and lighting.

Thanks! It’s what we aimed for.

Howdy TudorG,

Fantastic work on the 'Church of Light". I really like the overall feel of the project. I think the light in this scene really makes the level come to life. Keep up the great work!

Thanks a lot ! There is a lot more to come :smiley:

Outstanding work, looks better than the real thing :wink:

For those who want to compare photos of the actual building:

Looking forward to more of your work!

That light bloom! very nice.

impressive work!

Outstanding work, looks better than the real thing :wink:

Nice music you have there, acatalept :smiley:


As promised, here’s part 2, the Sunday School extension. Enjoy!


TudorG, this is amazing work! Wonderful detail.
If you are accepting critique, my only suggestion would be use less ease-in/out on the cameras (cut on action).
just a personal opinion. All in all, beautiful work!

I always welcome critique, thanks!
You mean less ease-in/out in the first video right? I have eliminated it almost completely in the second video.
And ease-in/out means camera acceleration and deceleration right?

Yes TudorG, the first video had a lot of ease in/out. “cut on action” is when you cut from a moving camera to a moving camera already in motion. the camera work on the second video is very good. Some of the angles and movements are very compelling!
I’m a full time viz artist…not much architectural, mostly large infrastructure projects, but we use the same principals.
Please understand that I’m being very picky…“getting into the weeds”…thinking of ways to push it further. This project is simply amazing!

Hi guys!
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Excellent initiative, thank you very much!