Chunks of landscape missing materials (checkerboard texture)


I’ve been running into the issue mentioned in the title of this question for a while now, and avoiding it temporarily by finding short term solutions, but it’s getting more and more disruptive.

One of my chunks in particular (although this happens to multiple areas of the landscape) does not load the textures I paint onto it, leaving me with this chequered pattern…

I have searched thoroughly and the only solution I can find I have tried already (my material’s sampler source is set to wrap)

It would be fantastic if anyone could help me understand what is happening and how I should fix it… It has become unbearable trying to work around it.

Thank you in advance!

images of the issue

You’ve probably run out of texture space.

Just click on all your textures and, in the details, change sampler source from ‘texture asset’ to ‘shared: wrap’


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Unfortunately I had already done this… This is the same response I seem to get everywhere I look, but that was probably one of the first steps I took…

Sorry sorry… :slight_smile: it just occurs so much…

That is a LOT of layers :smiley: I think even on ‘wrap’ you’re going to run out of texture slots, no? ( I haven’t work it out ).

That’s what I thought too!

How many layers would you say are appropriate for one material instace?

Also, is it possible to create a new material with other layers that would allow me to work simultaniously with the first one while painting my landscape? It seems like it’s very limited if that wouldn’t be possible…

Thanks in advance!

The more layers, the more in efficient your landscape material becomes.

I try to get away with the minimum, 3, maybe 4 :slight_smile:

I see, so you wouldn’t go too far above those numbers for a single material?

If you need more layers with different looks to them though, how do you manage? Is it possible to apply two or more materials to the landscape with their own layers you can alternate between?

I think you can easily manage with 3 or 4 layers.

Nobody’s going to notice if you have 15 different kinds of gravel :slight_smile:

I don’t use open world, but I assume it’s possible to switch materials depending on the zone you’re in. If not, Epic missed a trick there, I guess.

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Just so anyone who comes across this issue knows, I ended up fixing my issue by reducing the amount of textures in my material, leaving around 6 or 7 in total!