Chunking and setting up content to be downloaded after the initial install

Hey everyone

I’m working through the process of compartmentalising my mobile game’s content so that it can be downloaded as needed via in-app purchase.

I’ve begun by setting up Primary Asset Labels in the directories I want to split out, plus one in the main menu level’s directory.

Startup level:

Supplementary level:

Have I set this up right? The reference viewer map for each primary asset label seems to look right. I set them to be retained for runtime so I could perhaps use the label to determine if the content has already been downloaded (or is out of date).

When I packaged my game for shipping/distribution and unzipped the IPA I only found chunk 0 and it seemed like it was about the right size for the menu content. My IPA size has dropped from about 600MB to 200MB. So it’s definitely excluding the other content.

The content manifest definitely lists the supplementary maps.

So, how do I now package the other content?

Secondly, does anyone have any good links to discussions around downloading these paks at runtime?