Chunk Downloader Manifest parse error

We’re using the chunk downloader to download pak files from a remote server and according to the UE Log the format is incorrect.

we’re getting a constant Manifest Parse Error with the ChunkLoader even though we’ve followed the docs and example stream VOD exactly as instructed (with tabs and UTF-8) and I still have no idea whats happening, we’ve compared the regex command and are running in debug to see what’s happening but it just jams the entire line in the NameBuffer and leaves the rest empty, this happens across both the Android and Windows builds.

does anyone know how to fix this?

I need help on this topic too!

Any assistance would truly be appreciated! The chunk downloader is a pretty neat feature, and any help identifying where the fault lies will make our lives a lot easier.

I had the BuildID incorrect which was causing an error with what UE expected vs what we were giving it, the explanation in the docs isn’t great so I ended up fixing it after debugging for a while.

So as a real quick tutorial because the video and documentation Epic have don’t seem to explain everything, turns out that you need to order your Pak files on a remote/cloud server in a specific format and then reference them that way.

The Structure should begin with your ContentBuildID.txt file and a folder, the ContentBuildID text file should have the name of the folder in it.

Inside your Content Folder you need the BuildManifest-(PlatformYou’reTargeting).txt and another folder that will hold the Pak files.
The BuildManifest-Windows (etc) will have an entry count, build ID and then a list of all of the chunks.

Num Entries is the amount of Pak files you are referencing
BuildID is the ContentBuildID or the directory these files are located in
pakchunk is broken down into 5 parts The Pak file name
The size in bytes (right click, properties on the file itself and take the bytes part of Size)
The version as a string value
The ID of the chunk
The location of the chunk from this directory


Thank you for the fix ratchet3789! Hopefully somebody within the Unreal Team catches your post and update the documentation.