Chromium Embedded Framework for UI in UE4?

Hey all. I saw that Coherent post and I thought to myself… “ah yeah, $650 PER YEAR??? for a webkit wrapper?” and my mind boggled.

But it got me thinking about Chromium Embedded Framework, which is a framework meant to wrap webkit/chrome etc so that it can be embedded in custom apps and UI’s. Essentially it seems like a prime thing for adding to UE4 as a plugin of some sort.

Here’s a link:

I’ve not got time to look at it myself right now, but I know a few other guys who’ve embedded webkit in games before and I think in general an embedded web view would be really useful (certainly would be awesome for inventory type UI, maybe not so great for high-speed in-game stuff).

At some point if nobody else jumps on this, I’ll get round to having a look. Probably will wait til the summer though.

What say you? Anyone thinking of porting this to UE4?? Or having a licensed web view at a reasonable price?

I looked into creating Chromium Embedded Framework plugin in the beta, but ended up creating one for Coherent UI. It was based off the same tech and the price seemed fair, given the work involved. It has more going for it then “just a webkit wrapper” :slight_smile:

Back on topic, you could also look at libRocket & Awesomium if you haven’t already.

You really think $650 a year is fair? seriously?

I don’t mean that you shouldn’t be paid for your work, but I just don’t get the “per year” bit. I mean what does the product offer in a year that it doesn’t offer initially?

Yeah, I’ve used both librocket and awesomium in my own engine before, librocket is good but I don’t like the pseudo-html/css thing, awesomium is basically just another webkit wrapper and beyond going through the hilarity of getting webkit to build and wrangling a few issues, I don’t see the value there much either.

OK, looks like I’ll cook my own CEF implementation at some point. If nobody else is interested, pity though because I’ve got far better things to do with my time right now.

Thanks for the info.

Does it save you more than 5 hours of work? or would it take more than 5 hours to build?
If yes to either, then the price is fair.

There are plenty of people clamouring for an alternative to Slate.
Give it a bit more time - someone else might come along.
Be sure to check out An Introduction to UE4 Plugins.

Hi zoombapup,

Regarding the pricing I can assure you that it will be very flexible and indie-friendly. We will have the official pricing options listed very soon.

Also I would like to invite you to take our Coherent UI for UE4 survey, which will help us focus on the right priorities and provide the best options for licensing Coherent UI. The deadline is May 8th and after that we will randomly choose one (or **two ** if we get beyond 200 responses :slight_smile: ) winner, who will get full commercial license of Coherent UI :slight_smile:

Please find the survey here!


Hi zoombapup,

I just want to let you know that our pricing is out and Coherent UI is **$12.99 per month , or $129 per year ** :slight_smile:

Please read more here:

WebKit support is in the roadmap :slight_smile:

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