Christoph Jakob | Composer ~ Quirky, Retro, Melancholic

Hey everyone! I am Christoph Jakob, freelance composer from Germany. I compose in a variety of styles and I specialize in quirky & joyful, chiptune and melancholic music.

SoundCloud: Overview Reel - Christoph Jakob by Christoph Jakob | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Royalty-Free Stock Music and Asset Packs for your projects!

Contact me if you need music for your game, YT channel or any other project! :)​
e-mail: [EMAIL=“”]
Discord: DisOmikron#5729

Looking for more projects! :slight_smile:

And looking for more projects again! :smiley:

​Hey everyone, Happy New Year! I’m looking for more games to score :slight_smile:

Hey! I’m looking for more projects to score!

Hey everyone, I’m looking for more projects!
I also provide Royalty-Free Music and Asset Packs now! =D