Christmas Wish, What You Want To See From Us?

Hello devs of the world!

Here we are again, opening another thread, this time is for ask you for a couple of things, but before all, you need take a look to our 2016 RoadMap, and if you can, leave us a comment there, by this way you can know somethings that you need for understand this Post.

At this point we suppose that you flew a bit in our 2016 RoadMap, if not return and do the homework :rolleyes:. As you know now, we cant continue working on marketplace content for at least a couple of months, for that reason we had the idea of request themes for our next year work, the question is, What content you want to see from us the next year? based on our current marketplace content, what you wish to see?, Any idea is valid, free you creativity and tell us your Wet Dream.

Obviously the goal is that all here have the opportunity to win something. From the release of this thread, we will keep an eye here, reading all the post that you will leave here. We will ponder with patience all your ideas, if your idea is selected for be one of our contents the next year, when it released in the Marketplace, you will receive FREE access to that content, we will gift you it. Take this as a delayed Christmast gift, because you will receive it the next year Q2, you know the reason if you read a bit our 2016 RoadMap!.

You can check our Marketplace Profile for get a reference of what we do.

Some images below for illustrate a bit our 2016 work:





That is all today, we hope your post, remember that you can win!

Whitman And Olbert.

**All The Winners: **

@Patronus916-> Castle for Modular Building Series (Probably Olbert’s Low Poly: Rock Stronghold).
@Smartay-> RTS Content Pack (Houses, Towers, Trees, and other Stuff used in RTS Games).
@JBernhelm-> One of three: Landscape Pack, Underwater Biome or Post-Apocaliptic Modular Buildings.

This thread will be open for a long time, we will keep an eye here, reading all your ideas and picking winners, post your idea below, and be a winner! Remember that you can only win one content pack, if you give various ideas, you will receive the first developed by us, or the idea of your preference. Thanks for be part of this!

If you consider moving out from low poly art style, it would be pretty cool to have pbr materials with vertex painting channels packed with other shaders. For example a basic wall with the red channel with some grunge, the green channel with some broken plaster, the blue channel with some leakings, for metals like some rust, dust and paint splatters and so on, you get the idea. I think this could come quite handy for a lot of people when using materials and wants to break the tiling.

@maquina95 We dont discard nothing, We have plans for move out of Low Poly Style, exploit this makes very hard at the time that we do more. Thanks for the recommend!

+1… Interested to see more of your work in high-poly…

@franktech Dont dude it! the next year we will touch works in high poly, maybe Q3 or Q4, but you can be sure is that!

I would love to see some buildings. Maybe a castle with some buildings? Or a town? Maybe some Low poly characters as well? One big bundle? hint hint :slight_smile:

Love the work so far, will be buying one of them once a paycheck comes in.

@Patronus916 If you want all our next year content all you need to do is a list and put it here hahahaha. Castle is the next logic step for Olbert’s Low Poly: Modular Building series, are you interested in this? Yes? you are officialy the first winner of this thread :D.

Awesome! I would love to help collab some of the ideas to the table! I believe the low poly is a great concept road to continue on and that adding some buildings that fit in with your already made work. A castle would be a superb addition to your assemblage of artwork already released. I am honored to be a winner!! :smiley: Thank you for giving me this opportunity and christmas gift :slight_smile:

Oh yea! Sorry!! I forgot to add a list:

  • A castle! Big, roomy, low poly :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Buildings, more buildings! Fit with the taiga, forest, etc etc.
  • Characters! Make some people!!

Thats a bit for ideas at least, creativity can take it further. I think these would be grand additions to the 2017 RoadMap ahead.

@Patronus916 Castle (KeyName for now xd) has been planned for 2017 Q2 or Q3, depends of several factors.

@Patronus916 for now we dont have plans for Rigged and animated Characters, but in the future we dont close that windows!

Thanks a lot for your interest in our work, this is happiness for us!

+1 Buildings ( RTS stuff like a base, turrets, infantry place, vehicles etc…) Also did you guys finish ordering a gfx card if not pm me I have a spare I am sure we could come to an agreement over if you wanted?

@Smartay your idea about RTS Stuff are really good, righ now we cant give you develop date, but we are really interested in this, when we decide to start develop it, we will remember you, giving free access to that RTS content pack. Now you are the second winner, but without release date Xd

About the card, we are not sure of understood that you say, can you eMail us to and explain it a bit more?


I look forward to the future pack, Ive sent you an e-mail about the GFX card if you are interested

@Smartay Response sent, we are wating!

300 views and only 3 devs put their wishes here! Cheer up and put your Christmas wish here, yesterday 2 are winners! you can also be a winner today!

Love your low poly work, so I’ll throw out a landscape wish!

Low Poly Coral Reef! - rocks, corals, and plants that look good with underwater & fog effects.

edit: (also +1 to low poly buildings. Maybe broken down, low-poly “apocalyptic” ones as well as normal city / town buildings)

@JBernhelm excellent ideas, but remember that you only can win one of them. consider yourself a winner, right now we cant be sure of which one you win, because all are good ideas, but we are not sure when we can start develop it. when we make one of them, we will give you free access to it! Thanks!

No worries - I was actually only wishing for 1 thing:

  • The Low Poly Coral Reef pack (which I called a landscape pack, like your desert, woods, and taiga ones)

and I was agreeing that buildings would also be cool! :smiley:

@JBernhelm In that case, we think that you need wait for more time before we start develop the content, surely 2017 Q4.

Hello guys hows it going, getting your card soon? I would wish for a fantasy setting. Perhaps Modular medival buildings and so on, something that could be used to create a small city made of stone etc! :slight_smile: