Christmas Mod

Hi, looks like I am going to take on the Christmas Mod. I did the Halloween mod and it seems well liked and I’d hate for Christmas to be boring. If anyone out there is already working on please let me know and I’ll sit back, drink some hot cocoa and enjoy your mod instead. :slight_smile:

Ok so I was looking for input on what everyone would like to see in a Christmas Mod. Some “must have” content so I can work on adding that first. A Christmas tree is on the list and easy since Ark already made one. But I might add a larger outdoor/city square version too. Flying Reindeer? I’m not sure how but I might give it a shot.

Almost everything you would “need” has been done by Wildcard. I forget what its called for the Christmas Holiday, but, its a big event with presents falling from the sleigh and all types of scripted stuff.
Santa’s flying sleigh, trees, presents, outfits …

ah: Winter Wonderland
link: ARK: Winter Wonderland - Official ARK: Survival Evolved Wiki