Christmas mod?

Hi, I created Randi’s Halloween Mod and was thinking about making a Christmas mod…but haven’t even started yet. I was wondering is anyone already deep into created a cool Christmas mod. Maybe I could help them instead by buying or making models or sharing ideas. We could split the work and create Christmas part 1 and 2? No point in creating two “competing” mods of the same stuff. Might be different if we made money or something.

Well…maybe no one is working on it. So, I will give it a shot and see what I can do before Christmas season. I will repost this in the project area to see if I could get some "must have’ Christmas mod content. So I can add the most important stuff first.

Christmas is not my best theme but i have kinda few idea of what you can do. Without this i’m looking for a teammate for a huge project that will definitely change the game! if you are interested to work on a big project and you are 18 older it will be a pleasure to make team whit you.